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 Tytuł: Liga Dzentelmenów's Rules
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Liga Dzentelmenów’s Rules

Please read Liga Dzentelmenow's Rules carefully before you apply for a place in the guild.

A person applying for a place in the guild might be accepted with a different character than they have originally applied with if they choose to. It depends on the guild's raid needs. Every player has to have at least one alt as the guild raids a lot (more alts gladly approved).

Every guild member should behave properly. Insulting others on any channel will be punished with losing 25% of player's total DKP.

Every player is required to install and use a voice communicator (TS3/Mumble) and be on the channel that's being used to lead the raid and listening to the instructions.

Member rank requires 1500 DKP in total.

Not knowing the rules doesn't exempt guild members from abiding them.

Required addons:

1. If a player doesn't have any of the following addons, they get a penalty specified in the brackets.

2. List of required addons:

- Timed Threat Meter v1.1.1 (-20DKP).

- PallyPower (-20DKP, Paladins only).

- Decursive (-20 DKP, Druids/Priests/Mages/Paladins only).

- Distance (-20 DKP).

DKP system:

1. Points a given to a player, not their characters.

2. Items/Tokens from bosses are distributed as follows:

MS > Alt > Recruit > Offs > Holiday > To be kicked out > Off Main > Off Alt > Off Recruit > Off Alt Recruit

3. Items/Tokens are distributed after DKP bids: players bid 5 DKP min on the raid channel and the player with the highest bid wins. Players cannot bid more DKP than they have.

4. Rewards:

- Being on time for the raid 10 DKP. Distributed until 19:40

- IronMan (lasting until the raid is over) 10 DKP

- Bosses: T5 5 DKP, T6 10 DKP

- Help in leading the raid 5/10 DKP

Raid Leader might reward players with bonus DKP. The GM or Raid Leader (if GM isn't present) decide on the amount.

- Raid lasts longer than usually

- Raiding players have shown great involvement

- No one has got on GM's nerves

5. Punishments:

- A player that's caught AFKing without a permission gets 30 DKP punishment. This happens every 5 minuts for a quarter of an hour. Then the player is removed from the raid and loses DKP they got for the raid.

- Any players causing a wipe will get a punishment depending on the situation.

- So called "bitching" (moaning, nagging, interfering with the raid, etc.) leads to being kicked out of the raid/-30 DKP.

- Leaving the raid before it ends without any prior notice (best in the beginning of the raid) costs -30 DKP.

Officers might use an "order punishment" of -1 to -200 DKP - it must be logged.

Punishments can be given without notifying the player (but they might get instructed earlier).

6. Flasks and food

Are required for top BT and SWP during each boss attempt.

7. Changing main character costs 50% of player's total DKP. Under some circumstances the GM might decide not to take player's DKP point.


Raids starts at 19:30 every day.

1. Players are required to wear all the possible enchants, food, oils and flasks, have their gear repaired, wear proper gems and have needed reagents for T6 raids.

2. The guild books all players main characters' T6 IDs plus one of their alts' as well. Lack of a free ID (so raiding with randoms) costs double DKP of a given instance (doesn't matter which boss it is).

3. Reserve bench - a player has to available and ready for the raid. Leaving the raid is allowed after discussing it with Raid Leader (a player still gets DKP they deserve). If a player can't play or ignores RL's calls, they are kicked out of the raid and lose DKP they earned in the given day.

4. Players entering an instance with a given character are required to finish it with the same one.

5. A player is obliged to play their alts (especially if they got their gear in our guild) accordingly to RL's instructions.

Rank rules:

1. Wyga Gildii Rank (Guild Stager) is given to deserving players who can longer play.

2. Urlop Rank (Holiday) is given to players absent for 7 days. If a player wants their previous rank back, they have to take part in 2 full raids (not on the reserve bench) of a given ID. Rank is given by the end of that ID.

3. Rekrut Rank (Recruit) is so called probation period which ends when a player reaches 1500 DKP and has got +350 LW skill on their main character.

4. Players of Member Rank or higher are allowed to use guild bank's resources without any limits if there are enough resources. Items are free of charge.

5. Veteran Rank is given for special contributions to the guild and based on 3/4 of Officers/GM's positive opinion towards each player individually. This rank is distributed by the GM only. Veteran rank grants privileges (a player will be notified about them) plus lets the player being first to the main raid squad

6. Officer Rank grants Veteran's privileges. The player helps to lead raids and manage the guild.

7. Guild Master(s)/GM Rank - the ultimate boss(es), their decisions are final.

Changing the player's main character is possible after Officers' request after gaining 3k DKP and costs 3k DKP min or 50% of the player's total DKP. Appropriate application should be written on the guild's forum.


Liga Dzentelmenow guild is not responsible for the results of playing WoW and using guild’s Mumble channel, such as:
1. Divorces
2. Moral and property losses, psychological traumas
3. Behavioural problems
4. Law conflicts.

Every player joining the guild automatically accepts Liga Dzentelmenow’s Rules and the Disclaimer.
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